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Status of the Website


EDIT: Updated January 14

Just before Christmas the site was accidently deleted, see over at Simtropolis from this post onwards for details on what happened

My initial reaction was to restore the site as it was before the template corruption caused the site deletion but after giving it much thought I've decided not to restore the social side of the site, its not being used by anyone now Jmouse is no longer with us and the cost of paying the six monthly license fees which were due again in January is simply something I can't justify as an ongoing expense given the lack of active users on the site, I have retained backups of everything so nothing has been lost, and can be retrieved if anyone needs something that used to be on the social side of the site.

The CATALOG, CBEX and DOCUMENTS will continue, and in case anyone does need to post on the site, I've installed feedback software from the same company that provides the catalog and cbex software, its considerably cheaper and its a yearly license fee (40% discount if you renew each year) plus they have a deal where if you buy more that one of their software programs they also give you a 30% discount on each new program you buy from them.

Currently the CATALOG is undergoing a couple of changes including adding some new fields, as a result am having to reload the indexes back again so don't worry if it looks like something is missing its temporary.

A few other things are being shifted around that were in the GROUPS and PAGES so will be back once its sorted out where they will be located in the new site layout.



CB Home dino 21.02.2013 01:23
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